Wednesday, February 15, 2012

All Jeremy Does Is Lin, Lin, Lin

Jeremy Lin
The Jeremy Lin sensation is running strong ... almost as if a media handoff from everything the sports nation endured with Tim Tebow mania.

What Lin is doing is phenomenal because he is playing so well as an individual, he is clearly putting his teammates in a position to be successful and he is helping the previously-mediocre New York Knicks win ... after being cut twice and being an undrafted player out of that noted basketball factory, Harvard University.

Lin, a now popular Asian American who has the sports world buzzing, has been a sensation because he is a fine passer, he can penetrate and score, he can shoot from a stand-still position, he can shoot off the dribble and he hits BIG shots. This man is humble and unselfish. Combine those qualities with the fact that he is a heck of a player and you have a pretty special combination.

I hope he can keep it up as he gets injured teammates back and teams adjust to his style of play. He will get more attention from opponents and it will remain to be seen how he responds. He will use his teammates well and that is why he is likely to be successful.

All of the fools he think he is only popular because he is an Asian American are ignorant. He has persevered coming from non-traditional roots to find stardom in the NBA. This doesn't happen every day in the NBA. It might happen in baseball and hockey and here and there in football. It doesn't happen too much in basketball and people, as Spike Lee said, need to recognize.


Constructive Feedback said...


Are you slipping or did you de-prioritize the approval of blog comments and your rebuttal?

Thank you for the links to left-wing blog sites on your page. I need to update my link list.

Do you really believe that Oliver Willis is credible?

Sandy Gholston said...

No, I just have a life and a real job. I am not sure what your point is about Oliver Willis.