Sunday, August 5, 2012

Disgusting Comments By People On CNN Website Regarding Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.

Jesse Jackson Jr.
It never ceases to amaze me the vile and nasty things that people anonymously say about others when no one can see them.

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. is undergoing some physical and emotional challenges. However, that is not enough to prevent people from taking cheap shots at him under the cloak of anonymity. Of course, these types of attacks are nothing new in this day of the Internet and the freedoms that come with it. The price for freedom is that it opens forums for people to attack others, anonymously, and otherwise. Some people enjoy being able to cheap shot while not signing their name or reputation to their attacks. The Internet is also a have for idiots like the guy below who absurdly calls the Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. the "biggest racist in the nation." It makes you wonder how harshly these extremists would attack Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. if he was alive today.

Here are a few of the vile statements on CNN:

Roger BirdCollapse
Perhaps Jackson is depressed about being corrupt.  A bad conscience can cause a lot of grief.
Like father like son, both corrupt to the hilt, living high on the hog and as usual pretending to be do gooders with Chicago style rotten greed creed politics of self interests and self righteousness.. Now it is gastrointestinal and depression song and dance
crooked like his old man - what a p.o.s.
Here is a comment that reflects ignorance and callousness regarding people suffering from depression. It's sad that people think depression is no big deal. Is it a commentary on our society?

I would be depressed too if I were under investigation for corruption.... but this is just ridiculous. Take some happy pills and get back to work like the rest of us have to you lazy bum.

Here is one of the most ignorant statements (and there were many to chose from) out of the comments section:

dale gribble, i kill bugs, roaches, and antsCollapse
id be depressed too if my dad were the biggest racist in the nation
This person is an idiot. That is disgusting. But, it's part of the price we pay for freedom.

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